Die Innendeckel sind etwas fleckig, vorn mit Besitzerstempel. Die Seiten sind gedunkelt, ansonsten sauber und gut. Die Klammerbindung ist angerostet. A gay erotic publication with short stories (photo fantasies), art, book reviews, news, articles, photo classifieds, advertisements, packed with male nude photographs. Highlights include: erotic male male front cover artwork; article Erotic Enemas For Exciting Ends by Bernie Prock; review of gay erotic film “Ballet Down the Highway” (Hand in Hand Films); review of “Let My People Come” (having just opened at Hollywood Whiskey A Go Go); erotic short story Snowbound by Ron Keith; San Francisco Leather Carnival by Robert Leighton; two page A Gaytimes Profile Harvey Milk: A Gay Politician Who Wins Even When He Loses by Robert Leighton (with four photos); classified ads The Meet Rack (with several photos). Conditions: pages lightly age yellowed per newspaper stock used; periodic tiny chips along outer narrow fold; narrow corner chip to front cover; lengthy closed tear to rear cover.

Attore, sceneggiatore e regista di commedie drammatiche e intelligenti sulla middle class americana in cui spira la lieve aria di John Cassavetes. Fratello maggiore del produttore Jack Binder, cresciuto nella periferia di Detroit, ma frequentatore della comunità ebraica di Birmingham, studia alla Seaholm High School. Sposato con Diane Murphy, dalla quale avrà due figli, recita per la prima volta nel film tv Can You Hear the Laughter? The Story of Freddie Prinze (1979) di Burt Brinckerhoff.Nel 1980, debutta invece cinematograficamente nella pellicola di Floyd Mutrux The Hollywood Knights con Tony Danza, Fran Drescher e Michelle Pfeiffer.

Nato in Texas da madre venezuelana di origini tedesche, si trasferisce presto a Caracas, dove trascorre l’infanzia; tornerà a vivere in California da adolescente. Banhart si sente sempre un po’ straniero a casa sua. “Sono vicino alle culture di entrambi i paesi ma, in fondo, non mi sento parte di nessuna delle due”.

Vai alla recensioneDue amici, Rosie e Alex. Probabilmente troppo amici. Nessun problema incorre finch lei non compie diciotto anni, si ubriaca e si bacia con Alex. Some former Bush administration counterterrorism officials have said the danger in that is by focusing so much on al Qaida as a group, that it perhaps blinds this administration to the kind of ideology that could go to many in many, many different directions and be much less focused than on one group. Interests, and I don’t think there’s a debate on that. We also say, though, that there are other terrorist threats that are out there, that we need to maintain our focus on and, although we’re doing a lot against al Qaida and their affiliated groups, we’re doing also a lot against other groups..